GONE: Marawaan Smith, 12
The grandmother of the Mitchells Plain 12-year-old who committed suicide on Friday evening does not believe he intended to kill himself.

Marawaan Smith, a Grade 6 pupil at Jamaica Primary School, was found hanging by his neck from his cupboard.

His ouma, Lorraine Filander, 52, spoke out on Tuesday and says Marwaan had been upset with her because she had told him he cannot go outside.

She says last Thursday, Marwaan and his little brother went out to play and came back at 9pm. The younger boy had a bump on the head.

They were supposed to be at a youth meeting, but instead went to play at a park.

On Friday evening when Marwaan wanted to go out again, Filander says she forbade him.

“He became angry. Hy was ontevrede. I told him to take his attitude to his room. A few minutes later I sent his brother in to call him to come and eat, after I had called him three times,” the granny explains.

“His brother went to go see and came running out saying he is hanging. I ran in and he was already passed out. He had used his karate belt.

SCENE: Where he hung himself

“I tried to undo the belt, but I could not. I ran to get a knife and with a slash I cut him loose. When he came down, I knew he was dead,” she said sadly.

She does not believe he intended to kill himself.

“He was a good boy and was obedient, but he responded with feelings. I don’t think he meant to kill himself and we will miss him everyday,” said the traumatised grandmother.

Filander says Marwaan and two of his brothers have been in her care since birth.

“I raised him. He was my first grandchild. He came to make me a ouma. I loved my boy and he will be dearly missed.”

Police confirmed an inquest docket has been opened.

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