Tyler, 7, was pushed into a dam in Ravensmead. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane
The freak storm that swept through Cape Town on Friday afternoon claimed the lives of two boys.

A seven-year-old drowned after falling into an overflowing dam in Ravensmead, while an 11-year-old died after a large tree crashed onto power cables, then fell to the ground and electrocuted him.

ER24 spokesman Werner Vermaak says the child had been playing outside on Friday.

He said: “It is believed the tree might have been blown over due to strong winds in the area. The exact cause is still unknown.”

Meanwhile, Tyler-Johan Jansen drowned a few metres from his home on Saturday afternoon.

The boy had been playing with two friends near the water’s edge of a fenced off dam when one of them pushed him into the water.

Neighbours who heard their cries for help fished out the Grade 2 learner but was too late to save him.

Tyler-Johan’s devastated mother, Tertia Jansen, 41, says she was at work.

“I don’t know what happened but I’m devastated that I had to lose my youngest child in such a tragic manner. He was such a loving and lively boy,” she says.

The boy’s uncle Peter Fredericks believes the incident could have been prevented had the water been drained from the dam.

“Whenever it rains here the water levels always rise and had the [city] council sent someone out on Saturday to drain it or fix the pipe that drains it out, this would not have happened,” he claims.

City of Cape Town spokeswoman Priya Reddy says the allegations will be investigated.