THREE ACCUSED: Duncan, Dillon and Karabo. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

The defence for one of the three young men accused of stealing a cache of weapons from the Simon's Town Navy base says the “State is standing with egg on its face”.

Duncan Gouvias, 21, Dilon Sewkumar, 19, and Karabo Ramokgopa,18, will have to wait another day before hearing their fate.

Their fight for freedom continued in the Simon's Town Magistrates’ Court yesterday where their respective attorneys argued why they should be released on bail.

The matter was postponed until today for arguments.

Gouvias and Sewkumar face charges of house breaking with intention to steal automatic rifles, and the possession of prohibited firearms, and they were also charged under the Explosives Act.

Ramokgopa faces a charge of illegal possession of a firearm.

Ramokgopa’s lawyer Asghar Mia told the court the only reason the State is opposing bail is because the alleged crime was committed at the Navy base.

“The State is standing with egg on their face,” he said.

“These are young men who allegedly managed to break into a navy base.

“The court heard that (Gouvias and Sewkumar) gained entry by using bolt cutters and cut through three security fences.

“That is why the State is opposing bail. Because how could three young men manage to break through such a strong hold?

“It’s not about the accused. The State is not opposing bail because of what was stolen, it’s about where it was stolen.

“I don’t think the State has such a strong case as they lead the court to believe,” he said.

During a brief adjournment, Gouvias lifted his T-shirt to reveal a body covered in flea bites.

The matter continues today.