TARGET: Thief stealing Elaine Appollis' bag in Spur.

Spur has apologised to a woman whose bag was stolen in one of their restaurants.

The incident made headlines after CCTV footage was shared on Facebook, showing three women snatching the handbag.

The popular franchise is so sorry that they’ve offered to host a birthday party - free of charge - for the daughter of theft victim Elaine Appollis.

The Daily Voice contacted Red Hawk Spur in Plumstead this week after Elaine complained that no one has been in touch with her since she was robbed on July 28.

The leaked video shows three women seated in a booth next to Elaine, her partner and their child. One of the women is seen taking Elaine’s bag which was lying next to her on the seat.

The trio then casually walked out of the restaurant with the bag.

Elaine told the Daily Voice this week: “After several emails to [Spur] I now finally received a reply, saying they cannot compensate me for any of my losses as it is not covered by their insurance.

“The meal we had was paid for by a lovely unknown couple who insisted on paying for it. I am deeply disappointed in Spur at this moment.”

Then on Wednesday, Spur’s Divisional Manager of Operations in Western and Eastern Cape, Wesley Heaney, said he wasn’t aware of the incident but would investigate.

Yesterday, he told the Daily Voice the matter has been resolved with Elaine.

“We have apologised to the customer and the matter has been resolved. We as a family restaurant have offered to host the client’s daughter’s birthday party,” said Wesley.

“We have offered to supply the cake and the meals, which we don’t usually do. I can also confirm the client has been back to our Plumstead branch twice.”

A case of theft has been opened at the Diep River SAPS and the matter is still under investigation.

Elaine was not available for comment yesterday.