CHARITY DRIVE: VW Evolution Car Club serve soup to mense in Bonteheuwel

VW Evolution from Bonteheuwel braved the cold rainy weather on Saturday to serve food to those in need in Bontas, Kalksteenfontein and Valhalla Park.

The club members all pulled up in their kwaai Golfies and treated young and old to lekker warme soup and sandwiches, and sommer a car show.

VW Evolution chief Yusuf Juries says the club tries to spread some goodwill whenever they can.

“The VW Evolution Car Club was established in 2007, and every second month we try to do some good and help where we can with whatever comes up,” he explains.

“Daily we see so many wrongdoings and wrong attitudes in our community. We do this to show communities there are people who still care.

“We have so many youngsters and older persons helping us out to show people we can make a difference,” Juries says.

The club fed over 100 people on Saturday and Juries says it was the most amazing feeling.

“The smiles on the faces of the children was priceless and their eyes lit up and they could not stop talking; it was fantastic. Doing this gave us the best feeling ever.

“We even gave the children a show as many of them asked us to rev and do cut-outs. I want to thank the Fantastic MK1 family for accompanying us.

“To all members, we say thank you. All we really want to do is make a difference,” Juries added.