SONG: Hendrick Opperman leads the choir at old age home

But it was also a special day for grandmothers.

The VG Kerk children’s choir visited the Kraaifontein Tehuis for seniors yesterday to spread Mother’s Day cheer with songs.

There were tears of joy as the elderly enjoyed the angelic little voices singing worship songs.

The visit was arranged by retired policeman, Hendrick Opperman.

“I thought about doing this treat to honour the elderly,” he says.

“Because they are special to their families.”

There was also a special message by Pastor Bennie Faroa to “honour your mother and father and your days on earth will be lengthened”.

Staff members at the old age home were surprised by the treat.

Heathcole Eunice said: “This was really a big surprise bringing the choir to the elderly. The elderly were in tears to hear the songs of their generation being sung by the young children.”