UNDER FIRE: Clever Kids leader Faeez Hendricks’ Audi with multiple bullet holes

A gang boss has been shot and wounded before he could receive a shipment of gesmokkelde guns, which was intercepted by cops.

City of Cape Town safety boss JP Smith has confirmed the firearms, wrapped in plastic bags, have been linked to dirty former cop Christiaan Prinsloo, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison after stealing guns from the police armoury in Pretoria.

Smith says: “It appears that these firearms are some of those that were sold by the police officer from Pretoria that was recently sentenced.”

Prinsloo told cops the guns were being sold to gangsters on the Cape Flats.

He accused Cape businessman Irshaad Laher of being his middleman. Laher was arrested and is currently out on bail.

At 12.25pm yesterday, Metro cops pulled over a suspicious-looking Toyota Tazz on Duinefontein Road near Manenberg, in which they found four pistols.

A police source who asked not to be be named says the courier was on his way to deliver the guns to Clever Kids gang leader Faeez Hendricks.

But while police were attending to this scene, Hendricks was shot in Manenberg.

He was attacked while driving his Silver Audi in Pecos Road.

The source explains: “He was shot inside his car and the bullet struck his left arm.

“He disappeared from the scene shortly afterward. I wasn’t sure if cops took him or if he left by himself. Apparently he was shot by the Hard Livings gang.”

Residents quickly gathered around the larney car, whose windows were shattered and the body riddled with bullet holes.

A police source predicted more violence in Manenberg: “There will be retaliation from the Clever Kids, all hell is going to break loose now in Manenberg.”

A few hours later, a Hard Livings gangster was shot and killed in the area.

A 32-year-old female resident says she fears for kids’ safety.

“We were just getting used to the calm and now we have to fear for the lives of innocent children all over again,” she says.

“These gangsters don’t care who they shoot and if there are kids playing in the street, now it’s war all over again.”