GETS HER WISH: Magdalene Patience, 58

Ouma Magdalene Patience was killed and her grandchildren were injured when her home in Framesby Street house was hit with a petrol bomb on Friday 16 June.

At the time, the family questioned the motive for the attack on the ouma whom they say was well-liked because of her friendly nature.

Over the weekend, Ward Councillor Ricardo Saralina says members of the Oostenberg 1 Constituency and volunteers from the community gathered to help repair the ouma’s home.

He says while the City of Cape Town offered to assist with the burial, the family pitched in instead.

“The problem is that the City does burials in the week and many of the relatives could not make it,” says Ricardo.

“So the family said they would cover the burial, but they explained their mother would want to have her memorial in her own home. But due to the petrol bomb attack, the house was not in a good state."

Along with other residents, Saralina got sponsors to assist with paint, new windows and even a new door sponsored by Pastor Dean Daniels.

“We spent the weekend painting the inside, replacing the windows that were damaged and installing the new door so the family can prepare for her memorial next week,” he adds.

“She has not been buried yet and the incident shocked the community. Together we wanted to do something to make it easier for the family and give her the send-off she wanted.”

Police did not respond to queries by last night.