DAYS WITHOUT WATER: Laaities enjoying the free pool in Cafda
Following a pipe burst, residents in Cafda, Retreat were left without water for almost two days after council workers were threatened by gangsters.

The pipe burst in 12th Avenue on Monday had people, especially children, going mal for the “free pool” as temperatures reached 28°C.

Meanwhile quick-thinking adults brought buckets to collect the fresh water, and some people brought out their mats to be scrubbed.

Rene de Klerk informed the Daily Voice that although council workers came to fix the pipe burst, three streets were left without water.

“At 11am on Monday we discovered we haven’t got water. We saw people running towards the corner and we saw them coming back with buckets of water, and we discovered the pipe is broken,” she says.

“The council was notified and they have been out to the area, but people in 12th Avenue, Volksang Way and Oboe Street were all left without water,” Rene said.

The water came back late on Tuesday afternoon, a resident confirmed, adding that it was “absurd” that skollies now held them hostage over water.

“The war in Lavender Hill has spread over to Cafda and people are warned not to enter, but still to be without water for almost two days is absurd and all because of gangsters,” the resident says.

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Area South, Councillor Eddie Andrews, says workers left the area following threats from gangsters.

“Our teams were dispatched to fix a burst pipe, but were prevented from fixing the pipe due to being threatened by gangsters. Work has (since) been completed,” Andrews said.

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