Henri van Breda in the Cape Town High Court

Police approached the De Zalze Estate entrance at high speed on the morning a crime had been reported, and security manager Marcia Rossouw immediately instructed her staff to do check the perimeter for any possible intrusion.

Rossouw was on duty at the time and testified in the Western Cape High Court on Monday morning that a camera check also revealed nothing suspicious.

"Police came at the gate at a high speed, and I went out with a colleague to hear what had happened. I immediately gave an instruction to the staff to inspect every centimetre of the perimeter and look for signs of an intrusion, but nothing suspicious came up," Rossouw was testifying on day seven of Henri van Breda's triple-murder trial.

Last week, two security guards took the stand and gave testimony of their version of what transpired the night of the Van Breda family's brutal murders.

The issue of whether or not an alarm tripped at the luxury estate where the Van Breda family murder took place was the talking point on Wednesday and Thursday.

The trial continues.