Farmer and pastor Angus Buchan

While local gay rights activists are still trying to stop anti-gay American Pastor Steven Anderson from coming to South Africa next month, their European counterparts are busy blocking a South African holy man from entering Scotland.

Pastor Angus Buchan is facing criticism from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) activists ahead of his planned trip to Scotland later this month.

Buchan has been invited by the evangelical Hope Church in Tweedbank to speak on August 22 at the Galashiels, while on a week-long UK tour.

Buchan is a Zimbabwean-born farmer with Scottish roots, who found fame in South Africa with his Mighty Men revivals.

In 2008 he reportedly said: “I cannot ever agree that homosexuality is right, I cannot bless it. I love them though, but they need help.”

Hope Church Pastor Mike McLeister told Scottish media, “we as a church steer well clear of homophobic organisations and events”, but added “we are very excited about Angus’ visit.”

International LGBTI rights activist Peter Tatchell said he was “disappointed that Hope Church invited a preacher who expressed misogynistic and homophobic views.”

He adds: “His belief that gay people need help and can be ‘cured’ is false and harmful, as are his views about ‘traditional’ gender-roles.”

Buchan did not respond to media queries.