POUNCED: Alleged bully stabbed by her 'victim' in Bonteheuwel
A teenage girl, who has allegedly been bullied by schoolmates since the start of school, is believed to have lashed out by stabbing one of them last week.

The two high school meisies got into a vicious fight at a Bonteheuwel school on Thursday afternoon, ending in one of them being knifed in the abdomen.

Emergency services and police were called out to the scene and the victim was rushed to the Vanguard Day Hospital and then to Somerset Hospital.

She is currently in a critical but stable condition.

In a photo taken after the attack, the stabbing victim can been seen lying on her right side, with her eyes closed, her white school shirt and the sand around her soaked in blood.

It is believed that both teens are in Grade 8 and live in Kreefgat, Kalksteenfontein.

According to a neighbour who lives next to the school, and a friend of her mother, the meisie has been bullied for weeks at school.

She says the girl was hit, insulted and pushed around by a group of girls in the same grade.

“Her mother had been to the school almost every day in the last week trying to get the school to do something, but the assaults continued with no intervention,” the woman says.


“Her mother even went to Bishop Lavis Police Station to open a case. Die goed is f***** werd, man. The school takes our children for a gat and the police don’t do anything."

The woman says on Thursday evening after the incident, a group of mense descended on the girl’s home, wanting to attack her.

“The police had to escort her away, but now she is a target. I am not saying it was right to use violence, but she was pushed hard. I felt so sorry for her and her poor mother,” says the neighbour.

The Daily Voice visited the homes of both girls, but the parents were not in at the time.

They did not respond to queries by last night.

The Western Cape Education Department says the incident occurred outside school.

Jessica Shelver, spokesperson for Education MEC Debbie Schäfer, said: “It was after school hours in the community. It apparently took place in between two schools around 6pm. Only SAPS can confirm the incident and the details, though, as it did not happen on school premises during school hours.”

Police also did not respond to queries.

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