CONFIRM: Kwazi Mthethwa, department

Authorities have confirmed that a girl who was reportedly killed in a classroom fight video is, in fact, alive.

The teen fainted after a fellow pupil viciously beat her to the ground, stomped on her and kicked her in the stomach.

In the video, other girls can be seen trying to revive the unconscious meisie.

However, education authorities in KwaZulu-Natal have yet to start a formal investigation into the incident, reports the Sunday Tribune.

The fight, which was caught on camera, went viral on social media and sparked rumours that the girl from Khandlela High School in Esikhawini near Richards Bay had been killed as a result of the brutal beating.

A WhatsApp message reads: “2 kids lives destroyed just like that. Newlands secondary school today, the child passed away. Kindly show ur kids the impact of fighting * how in just seconds a life can b taken away. Thank * (sic).”

However, Kwazi Mthethwa, a spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education, says: “This is not true. We can confirm that the girl fainted and is recovering at home.”

The video shows two teen girls, dressed in green and white uniforms, throwing punches, kicking and screaming at each other in a classroom, surrounded by classmates.

It is not clear when the incident took place.

One girl, wearing stockings, manages to push the other to the ground and then stomps on her chest, slaps and kicks her.

The girl with stockings is eventually pulled away by other pupils, and the meisie is seen lying motionless on the floor.

Her classmates try to wake her up, when the video cuts off.

A full report of the incident from the Khandlela High School is yet to be handed to the KZN Department of Education, Mthethwa revealed.

“Each incident must be reported to us so we can institute a formal investigation,” he says.

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