INSPIRE: Salome sober for 8 years
One of Cape Town’s favourite divas is launching her own anti-drug campaign this weekend in a bid to help those affected by drug addiction.

Singer Salome Damons-Johansen says she conquered the drug devil eight years ago and hopes her story will inspire others to kick their bad habits.

“I’ve been there, I’ve done it and now I want to tell people that I’m here and if I made it, so can you,” she says.

She says the timing is also perfect to tell her story now, as she celebrates her 39th birthday this weekend.

On Saturday, Salome will bare all when she uncovers her dark past of addiction and how she managed to overcome it and make a success of her life.

Her latest single, Keep It Together, is testament to her motto, “Yes, you can beat drugs keep it together.”

The song was the second highest climber on the Heart FM Top 40 this week, going from number 30 to number 6.

The song is currently sitting at number 3 on the Heart FM SA Top 40 chart.

The songbird spoke exclusively to the Daily Voice about celebrating eight years of sobriety.

Unlike many other addicts who fall into the drug trap as teens, Salome says she was a ripe old 31 when she got addicted to drugs, mainly tik.

“Drugs affected my career to the point where I worked for the next gig to support my habit instead of working to empower myself and my career,” she says.

“It wasn’t easy for me to come forward and tell people this was my problem, but with good friends and great support, I made it out of that struggle.

“It’s harder for a public figure to come out and say I’ve done this and ask for help, but I am living proof that it can be done.

“Prayer brought me through prayer gives you faith and faith gives you hope and hope will bring you through.”

This encouraged Salome to launch her #Eight campaign to spread the message of hope.

“Now, I’m a happily married woman, a foster mom to my sister’s son, I love my family and I’m flooded by love from my fans and friends,” she says.

The #Eight campaign will tour Johannesburg, Welkom, Oudtshoorn, PE, Durban, Springbok and Kimberley.

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