PROTEST: Trade union is fighting for journalists

Trade union Solidarity has slammed the SABC and accused the broadcaster of delaying tactics after its Labour Court case against the SABC did not go ahead yesterday.

The union, which is representing four of the seven journalists who were fired for speaking out against the SABC’s censorship policies, was ready to do battle, but within minutes, the court proceedings were postponed because the SABC was not prepared.

Solidarity CEO Dirk Hermann said: “Despite the recent Icasa ruling and the High Court judgment [on Wednesday], the SABC has, with their delaying tactics, once again shown its disregard for legal processes in South Africa.”

Advocate Bantubonke Tokota for the SABC asked for a postponement as he had not been able to meet with the SABC management and get some information regarding the case.

The judge ordered the SABC to submit an answering affidavit in a draft form by 7pm last night and that the journalist file replying papers by 10am today and the matter was postponed to Friday at 12.30pm.

Meanwhile, SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng has been cut down to size by the high court in Pretoria who on Wednesday ordered the broadcaster to immediately stop its ban of airing violent protest action.

Motsoeneng, who said he would challenge Icasa’s ruling on the same matter in court, wrote a letter to the Independent Communications Authority of SA, saying the SABC would, with immediate effect, comply with the ruling.