IN SOLIDARITY: Black South Africans protest outside the US consulate.

Black South Africans have adopted the call of their American counterparts #BlackLivesMatter.

A group of members from Black Solidarity Action yesterday protested in front of the US consulate in Tokai, demanding the embassy close its doors.

Scores of cops blocked the protesters from getting closer to the precinct a few hundred metres away, with members of the solidarity group shouting that this was a violation of their constitutional rights.

“You can see the hate in his eyes,” one of the marchers shouted, pointing to a cop dressed in riot gear.

The march to the US consulate comes a week after the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Minnesota, by white cops.

The BSA says: “Their only crime was being BLACK and by logic of the white supremacist nation that is the USA, deserved to be eliminated from the face of the earth.”

After negotiations with cops, the marchers were reportedly allowed to gather closer to the main entrance, where more than a dozen cops formed a barrier line.

They held up posters that stated “stop killing blacks”, “we will defend ourselves by any means” and “bring back my people” among other messages.

The group has called for the withdrawal of the US from South Africa until the killings stop.

The consulate’s US flag stood at half mast following the Dallas shootings in which five cops were killed.