Lolita Allie
A Mitchells Plain woman says she is looking for her papgeld dodger husband who left her high and dry with twin daughters 19 years ago.

Lolita Allie, 55, says her estranged husband Moegamat Allie owes her R480 000 but keeps evading her and the courts.

The unemployed mom says she was married for a year when she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters.

However, things turned sour when her hubby ran off after the twins’ first birthday, leaving her to fend for the family.

Dad Moegamat Allie

“By law we are still married, we have not gotten divorced. After the girls’ first birthday, he started changing,” she says.

“He used to be extremely hands on, but it seems two got too much for him. We weren’t expecting to have twins but I made the best of it.

“After a while he started becoming aggressive, abusive and staying away for periods at a time until all his clothes were gone and he just never returned,” Lolita says.

She says the girls, who are now nursing students, never knew their father, who apparently still lives “somewhere in Mitchells Plain”.

“Someone saw him last time in Westgate Mall. I have constantly asked him to assist financially as I am unemployed at the moment. He blocked my calls and SMSes,” she says.

“He told me he is happily married and to leave him alone. There is a warrant out for his arrest. There is a court order from 2000 that he has to pay R2 500 a month in maintenance but nothing,” she says, showing court documents.

Court papers

“I have tried everything, cops, private investigators, no one could help.”

The frustrated mom, who worked at a bakery, says Moegamat ruined her life.

“He left me with nothing but unresolved debt. I lost my assets. I was blacklisted, he humiliated me, and you could never imagine the pain I went through,” she says.

“I want that money because myself and my daughters rightfully deserve it. He doesn’t even want to acknowledge the girls but they are identical and look exactly like him.”

The Daily Voice contacted Moegamat on the number provided by Lolita.

Marriage certificate

The man who answered was friendly and confirmed he was Moegamat Allie, but when the reporter asked about Lolita’s claims, he denied knowing her.

“I do not know a Lolita. I don’t have twins. I am sorry, I think you have the wrong person,” he said before putting the phone down.

If you know the whereabouts of Moegamat Allie, call Lolita on 072 483 8991.

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