TARGET: Foschini Perfume

The sweet-smelling skurke wearing yellow security bibs broke into the Foschini Perfume outlet at Kenilworth Centre shortly before 7am.

It is believed the thieves broke down the door of the store and smashed the window before snatching the bottles of expensive branded fragrances worth thousands of rands.

The three black men caught on security cameras were seen fleeing in a silver VW Golf.

It is suspected they gained entry to the mall at one of the entrances which had been opened for staff and members of a gym inside the building.

BAGGED LOOT: Skurke caught on camera with perfume haul.

A worker at one of the stores who asked not to be identified believes the burglary may have been an inside job.

“They were dressed in bright yellow bibs and their faces were covered, so they are probably familiar to the centre,” he says.

“There was only one entrance open at that time of the morning.

“They forced the door open and smashed the window. They got away with thousands of rands of perfumes.”

He says the skelms even dropped one of the perfume bottles, while CCTV footage shows them dragging away their loot in a white laken, before fleeing the scene in the silver Golf.

“We are very scared now because there is very little security and the stores are trading until 7pm.”

ESCAPE: Suspects filmed leaving centre in silver VW Golf.

Management at the Foschini store told the Daily Voice they were unable to comment on the incident.

In December 2016, thieves broke into Galaxy & Co Jewellers at the mall and fled with an undisclosed amount of jewellery.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut confirms the burglary: “This office can confirm that the circumstances surrounding a burglary [yesterday] morning at a retail store in a shopping mall in Kenilworth are being investigated.

“No one has been arrested as yet.”