Alleged wife killer Rob Packham will stay in the mang for the duration of his trial after the Cape High Court dismissed his bid to appeal his bail cancellation.

Packham is accused of killing his wife, Gill, 56, whose charred remains were found in the boot of her green BMW at Diep River Train Station a day after she was reported missing.

The car had been set alight with her in it.

The Constantia businessman was found guilty of breaching his bail conditions twice in recent months for trying to contact state witnesses, including his former jolmeit and her friend.

It was revealed that Packham had sent messages and dropped flowers at her office using the alias “Richard J Hopkins”.

In September, his bail was raised from R50 000 to R75 000 and he was given stricter conditions, but that did not stop him and in December he was re-arrested after he tried to contact his jolmeit’s friend asking her for “raw primal sex”.

Judge Elizabeth Baartman ordered that Packham be sent to prison for the duration of the trial and the bail money be returned to the person who paid it.

This week Packham appealed Baart- man’s ruling, claiming cops had done a “haphazard” investigation into the allegations that he breached his bail conditions.

But Baartman on Wednesday stuck to her guns and denied his application.

“It is not in the interest of justice to allow an accused to abuse his bail conditions with no consequences,” she said.

“I will heed the call to not declare the bail money forfeit as it was paid by a third party.”

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