TO HALT: Parkwood rehab centre on notice
The Foundation for Positive Change in Parkwood has been given a 30-day notice period to close its drug rehabilitation facility by the Department of Social Development.

This follows an investigation into the facility after the founder Rashaad Allen was arrested last week for allegedly moering two of his clients on 13 November.

Masood Abrahams, 20, and Zaid Morris, 24, admitted they broke into the foundation’s offices, and stole a laptop, modem, microphones, a silver chain and two rings.

They then tried to sell the stolen goods at Cash Converters in Ottery, but the manager became suspicious when he saw Allen’s name on the laptop and contacted him.

Allen fetched the two from the store and then allegedly beat them up for four hours, and the men had to be hospitalised.

Allen said he had been treating the two for free at his facility.

The Daily Voice previously did a story on Allen, who started the organisation to reintegrate offenders into society.

FOUNDER: Rashaad Allen

Allen was arrested on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and assault, and released on bail after appearing in court.

Allen says Social Development officials came to the premises in Kestril Way on Tuesday. “I started this project to help people and after speaking to the social workers who were accompanied by police officers, even they could see the change we are bringing.”

But DSD spokeswoman Esther Lewis says the foundation is not registered as a treatment centre and thus cannot operate.

“For registration to take place, the centres must comply with a number of aspects.

“The department assists NPOs in becoming compliant, and based on the assessment outcomes, DSD will issue a registration certificate, which indicates the level of service and the number and type of clients the facility can accommodate,” Lewis said.

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