AMBITION: The 44-year-old Rustenburg mom to use Lotto winnings to relocate
The lucky winner of the Lotto Plus 2 jackpot says she plans to use her winnings to complete her schooling and build a house for her family.

The 44-year-old mom, from a small town in Rustenburg, won a whopping R46 million following the 8 December draw.

She’d started short-term work as a construction worker just a few months ago after being unemployed for nine years.

The ecstatic multi-millionaire said the first thing she wanted to do with her new fortune was to buy a house for her and her family in an urban area where her children can access quality education.

She also has plans to develop herself by improving her level of education.

“I went to school up to Standard 5 (Grade 7) only. This has also made me feel ashamed because I always attributed my poverty to my lack of education,” she says.

“Now that I won’t have to worry about hustling for my family’s next meal, I will focus on upgrading my level of education. This is something I’d like to do for myself to restore my dignity.

“I’d like to also look into money management training to help me to continue to handle money correctly.

“The financial advice I received from Ithuba has been a really good start for me. I was able to make wise investment decisions and I am comfortable to say that this money will guard me and my family our whole lives.”

The lucky mom recalled how hard things have been for her and her children, saying: “It has been very painful to not be able to provide my children with even their basic needs.

“One of the most painful things I’ve had to go through as a parent was not being able to pay for my son’s participation in the matric farewell party - that really pained me.”

Speaking of concerns around her safety following her win, the woman said she was planning on moving out of the small town where she lives as soon as possible.

“Where I come from, everyone who knows me knows that I am a regular Lotto player, I never miss an opportunity to become a millionaire even if I only have R5 to spend on a ticket,” she says.

“When word broke that the National Lottery was looking for the new jackpot winner who was from our town, people already suspected that it was me who has won.”