Controversial Beaufort West Deputy Mayor, Truman Prince, was admitted to hospital on Friday, after suffering a heart attack at home.

“He is said to be in a stable condition and recovering in a Beaufort West hospital,” stated ANC Western Cape spokesperson Dennis Cruywagen.

In the past 15 years Prince, the scandal-plagued Karoo politician has been mayor three times as well as the municipal manager, each term mired in controversy.

In August 2010, Prince, who was the Central Karoo Municipality manager at the time, was arrested in Laingsburg for drunk driving.

Prince was dismissed by the municipality in 2005 on charges of sexual misconduct, due to a television expose.

He appealed against his dismissal and was reinstated as municipality manager in June 2007.

Prince was dismissed from the job two months later, but after being given the right to appeal, he got his post back.

In 2006, Prince was reportedly arrested and faced charges of assault and crimen injuria.

According to reports at the time, Prince, a former mayor and former municipal manager, was alleged to have attacked two ANC canvassers.