LIVE TO INSPIRE: Curshwon Linnett, 25, from Retreat runs a schools project to expose the talent of pupils at school.
Loving our children and nurturing their budding talents will go a long way to keeping them away from gangsterism, drugs and other crime, says this Cape Flats musician.

Curshwon Linnett, 25, from Retreat is the brains behind the My School’s Got Talent 2017 Project – a platform for primary school kids to showcase their talent at school.

Curshwon says: “This is for that child who doesn’t get the chance to participate because of restrictions – either he or she is too young or the talent they have isn’t preferred for that specific show.”

Curshwon studied Accounting at False Bay College and after that worked at Home Affairs, but he says his real calling has always been the ministry.

“I left my job in June 2014 to pursue music full-time. I’m a gospel musician and I believe this is my calling,” he says.

Curshwon is the founder of the Curshwon Music Band which consists of seven members.

“We are a team of musicians who are part of this project, so we aim to nurture the children’s talent and showcasing it to the community.

“The arts – song, dance, music and poetry – can play a meaningful role towards transformation, yet it is one of the genres that receive minimal attention at schools.

“With the increase of bullying, and social problems so prominent with most learners today, we believe change can occur by providing a platform for learners to expose themselves artistically,” he says.

Auditions were held earlier this month at Westlake, Lourier, Hyde Park, Montague’s Gift, Hillwood, Parkwood, Kannemeyer, Floreat and Harmony primary schools.

A semifinal round will be held at each school on April 19, and the grand finale on May 3.

“In the final, the winner of each school competes with the winners of the other schools,” he says.

The top three will receive cash prizes.

To get involved with the project, contact Curshwon on 082 819 4900.