SET TO MAKE A SPLASH: Spine Road High innie Mitchells Plain

Principal Riyaadh Najaar said they have been planning the pool for the past five years.

“We have since raised R1m to build it at the back of the school and with the assistance of willing organisations, this dream can become a reality sooner [than later].”

The palie says pupils innie Plain are being deprived of their dreams due to a lack of facilities.

“We had three Western Province swimmers who attended this school, but they could not pursue their dreams due to a lack of a swimming pool. With the swimming pool I also want to expose our children to other water sports such as water polo.

“Why can’t our children play water polo? It does not mean because our children are from Mitchells Plain that they cannot play these sports. We need to bring the amenities to our communities.”

He says the school approached funders, but could not find a sponsor.

“But we are not giving up. If we can gain more interest from the government and like-minded organisations, we can make this happen.”

“I am also planning to start an alumni group for the school in order for ex- students to plough back.

“People like Dale Stanton [ex-Springbok rugby player], who was a learner at the school, is one of those people who has ploughed back, and has done enormous things for the school,” he says.

Spine Road High School is known for its academic excellence and became the first Cape Flats school to obtain a 100 percent matric pass rate.