REMOVED: Bars broken through
Six bandiete escaped from Pollsmoor Prison on Sunday night, sparking a manhunt. However, by Monday evening, five of the inmates had been recaptured.

The tronkvoëls face charges including attempted murder, rape and drug possession. Correctional Services spokesperson, Simphiwe Xako, says they used a metal rod from their beds to remove the bars in their cell.

They then used blankets to make ropes and scaled an 8m-high fence, before fleeing into the night.

It is believed they were all wearing dark-coloured hoodies to help conceal them. Xako said three of the escapees were recaptured on Monday afternoon.

BREAKOUT: Prisoners from Medium B section

“Gershwin Mol, 24, originally from Kleinvlei, was caught making a trade at a scrapyard in Blackheath. Two others Emile Witbooi, 22, and Courtney None, 22 were captured by police in Ocean View. We will not rest until all are back where they belong,” he said.

None had been arrested for housebreaking and attempted murder, while Mol failed to attend court, and Witbooi was in for housebreaking.

On Monday evening, Correctional Services confirmed Mirvan Witbooi, 24, charged with drug possession, and Courtline Olivier, 23, whose case is unknown, were also gevang.

Still at large is Siphenathi Ntantiso, 21, who was in for rape. Xako says the six were being held at the Medium B section.

“It is believed the six escaped after removing bars with a piece of metal obtained by breaking one of the beds,” he says.

DARING: Blankets used as ropes

Sources at Pollsmoor say the escape was discovered following a headcount of inmates and the six prisoners were unaccounted for.

“It happens sometimes that the guys are in the toilet or shower, or finishing up a chore, or just hanging with their bra for a bietjie too long. The alarm will not go off immediately because we do recounts until we are sure it’s actually a thing,” the source says.

“After escaping from their cell, they took a drain cover and broke open a window frame, then climbed through a deactivated electric fence. They used blankets to make ropes and climbed over the 8m fence. We searched and searched, but these guys were gone. It’s unbelievable.”

Members of the public were urged to report sightings to police.

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