The Blomvlei Neighbourhood Watch is calling on people to help with their stationery and clothing drive for underprivileged children in the community of Hanover Park.

The award-winning NHW is made up of 30 people, only four of whom are men.

The rest of the team are filled with spunky ladies who take care of the community and make sure crime in the area remains at a low and that children in the area are safe.

Chairperson Sadeeka Valentine says the women offer up their time to make the area safe for the children and hopes that this drive will also help them, as unemployed mothers, to provide for their own children.

The team is asking the community to donate stationery, school uniforms and clothing.

They are accepting second-hand items as well, as the need in the community is great.

“We are active in the community 24/7, making certain they are assisted in whatever capacity they need us. People come to us for all kinds of things because they know we get things done. With this project, we hope to help as many people as possible get the things their children need.

“On Wednesday, I watched children come to school with socks and slippers and another with shoes so tight, he could barely walk. It breaks my heart. We need people to help. Start with just one pencil and we will work from there,” she says.

To assist the NHW, contact with Sadeeka on 073 684 3901.

[email protected]