GONE: Owner of two pit bulls opted to euthanise the honde
Two pit bulls that have been terrorising their Mitchells Plain neighbours after killing six pet dogs have been put down.

The dogs’ owner opted to euthanise them following complaints from their community who said the honde were dangerous.

Angry parents living in Tulip Crescent in Lentegeur came forward this week after one of the pit bulls nearly mauled a one-year-old child, and said the dogs previously killed six pets.

Mom Chandré Davids, 31, said her daughter, Erin, narrowly escaped being attacked by one of the dogs last week while the family was walking through the park.

The toddler was saved by her dad who lifted the pram and ran away.

VICTIM: One of the dogs in Lentegeur

Following a Daily Voice inquiry, Law Enforcement officers arrived to take statements from the neighbours.

Mark Levendal, inspectorate manager for the Animal Welfare Society in Philippi, says he got a surprise call from the owner of the pit bulls asking him to fetch the dogs.

“He called to say he had finally made up his mind and had my number because we were called out there last year when there were issues,” Levendal explains.

“He requested that the pit bulls be collected and euthanised and I can confirm that they have been put down. He was quite willing to surrender the pit bulls and it is very seldom that that happens.”

The owner’s girlfriend, Louise Mitchell, said on Monday that the dogs belonged to them.

On Tuesday she refused to comment on the family’s decision to have the dogs euthanised, but said her children “were in tears”.

NEARLY MAULED: One-year-old meisie

Resident Desmane Toerien, whose dog Missy was attacked at the weekend, welcomed the dogs’ removal, but was shocked to learn they’ve been put down.

“We are in shock and didn’t expect them to go so far. We expected them to fight us and we were going to do a petition because this is an ongoing issue,” she says.

“We didn’t want the dogs to be put down, we just wanted the threat removed from the community because we were worried about the safety of our children and pets.”

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