FEARSOME: The two pit bulls causing stress and terror to their Mitchells Plain neighbours
Angry parents in Lentegeur are calling on Law Enforcement to remove their neighbour’s pit bulls who had killed six of their pets and nearly mauled a one-year-old child.

Residents living in Tulip Crescent say Erin Davids, one, narrowly escaped death last Tuesday while her parents were walking her through the park.

Mom Chandré, 31, says Erin was in a pram when they saw the two pit bulls.

“The black one was going for her and her father picked up the pram over his head and ran home when he saw what was happening,” she says.

“The pit bull then went on to attack another neighbour’s dog, but it escaped.”

Four days later, the same pit bull attacked Desmane Toerien’s dog, Missy, and ripped the small dog’s genitals apart.

The 22-year-old mother says she was horrified at the attack.

“The pit bull bit her and would not let go until the owner came and picked up her dog and Missy was still in the dog’s mouth. Her genitals and everything were ripped and we called the SPCA and they came to fetch Missy who now needs an operation,” she says.

The Daily Voice visited the home of the pit bulls on Monday, but the owners were not home.

BRUTAL ATTACK: One of the six pet victims

However, a building contractor at the house said the dogs were not violent and that he felt safe around them.

The home is being leased by Louise Mitchell, who says the dogs belong to her boyfriend and daughter.

“They are building at the back so there is no place for them. I know that they get out and once the black one goes, the white one also goes,” she says.

“I don’t understand how people can say the dogs tried to go for a child because they have only bitten other dogs and not people,” she insists.

Mitchell says while she feels bad for what had happened, she believes her neighbours “just don’t like pit bulls”.

Oupa John van Dieman, 72, says last year his small mixed-breed dog, Chloe, was attacked and killed just outside his gate.

“Chloe was my best friend and these pit bulls were loose and they attacked him and ripped him apart,” Van Dieman says.

SAVED FROM DEATH: Little Erin Davids, one

“Those things are killers and they belong in the Kruger National Park; not here in a community and the owners never came to apologise.”

Residents say despite complaints to Law Enforcement, no action has been taken against the owners and they will now start a petition.

Law Enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, says Beacon Valley officers could not deal with the complaint due to the ongoing land invasions.

He says a team has now been dispatched to investigate.

“The owners could be fined if found to be in contravention of the Animal By-Law, (and) the dogs can be impounded,” he warns.

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