KIND: Paul Franke spit-braaied a sheep
A community activist and his wife have treated 15 families affected by gang violence to a lekker picnic this week.

Paul Franke, 49, and his wife Mercia of Ocean View, who run a small business in the community, opened their hearts to the families on Sunday by having a spit braai.

The families, who have lost loved ones to gang violence, had a nice day in the sun on a field at the entrance to Ocean View.

Paul, who is known to support the families of victims of crime at court, says he and his wife enjoys spit braais and decided to share one with the community.

“I do spit braais as a hobby,” he says.

“I decided to do this braai because there are many families who go without a proper meal, especially on a Sunday. This was done for those who lost children due to gang violence.”

OPSKEP: Salads served with meat were donated

Paul braaied a sheep and says the three salads enjoyed with the meat were donated.

Community members Jennifer Michaels and her sister Annabelle May say they want to commend Paul and his family for their generosity.

Annabelle is the mother of newlyweds Leonardo Fortune, 31, and his wife, Shannon Fortune, 31, who were shot and killed in Ocean View in 2015.

The couple, who had three young children, were standing with friends in Pypie Court, Leo Street, when two gunmen opened fire on the group.

Police arrested four suspects.

“We want to say thank you to Paul Franke and his wife. He has done so much for our community,” says Jennifer.

“He will get his blessings from God. People must know that there are good people in Ocean View.”

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