BRUTAL: Benji being stabbed
This is the man who allegedly stabbed a pit bull to death in the street after the animal apparently attacked a child.

The suspect, Sihle Mbambo, 27, made his first appearance in the Khayelitsha Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

Mbambo faces a charge of animal cruelty after the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Philippi laid charges.

The court heard Mbambo was no stranger to the law and previously paid an admission of guilt fine in 2016 for being in possession of drugs.

The matter was postponed to 1 June for bail information and to determine whether Mbambo’s life was in danger after affidavits had been received from outraged community members.

He will remain in custody and applied for a Legal Aid lawyer.

A video shows two men dragging Benji into a street in Site B and stabbing him to death.

The second man is yet to be identified.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Sihle Mbambo, 27

The video has been handed in as evidence to the court.

Benji’s owner, Amanda Makuliwe, was in tears at court.

“Benji used to sleep with me in my bed. He used to protect me,” she says.

“The men who did this knew I was not at home as I was baking at a friend’s home and lured Benji away. When I was called after the attack, I just saw blood. I could not watch the video and I don’t want to see it.”

AWS spokesman, Allan Perrins, says they want the matter to be heard in a regional and not a district court.

“A regional court has far more clout and can impose an unspecified fine not exceeding R300 000 and/or maximum prison sentence of 15 years,” Perrins says.

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