‘REVEALED IN A DREAM’: Jamie’s aunt, Kathleen Taaibos. Photo: Tracey Adams/ANA
The body of a young woman, who went missing four months ago, has been discovered behind a well-known Cape Flats drug rehabilitation centre.

The family of Jamie Williams believe she was tortured to death after finding her with one eye missing and stab wounds on her body.

However, police confirmed an inquest docket has been opened for investigation and indicated that no foul play is suspected.

DNA tests revealed that the body of a woman found on a field behind the Tehilla Community Collaborative Centre in Leonsdale, Elsies River, two months ago, belonged to Jamie.

The 23-year-old woman, from Clarke Estate in Elsies, was a drug addict and was last seen by her family on 22 January, after leaving home to visit a friend.

Relatives say she would often stay away from home, sometimes for up to two weeks, but would always come back.

Early in February, Jamie’s mother, Noleen Williams, 46, reported her daughter missing.

On 8 February, the body of an unidentified woman was found behind the Tehilla Centre.

And on Friday, DNA results revealed the dumped body was that of Jamie.

The body of Jamie Williams, 23, was found behind an Elsies drug rehab centre. Photo: Tracey Adams/ANA

On Monday, Noleen had the difficult task of identifying her child’s body at Tygerberg Mortuary, where she says she noted stab wounds and peeling skin on Jamie’s body, and that her one eye was missing.

“When they took off her clothing, her skin came off and when I looked at her face and body, you could see stab wounds and her one eye looks liked it was cut out and that she was burnt with acid,” says the mom.

“I want to know why the police is asking me what happened? My husband and I were told of a body found behind Tehilla and we went to view photographs of her body and I could see it was her. DNA confirmed it was her. She was on drugs, but recently she was not as active.”

Jamie’s aunt, Kathleen Taaibos, 48, reveals the dead woman came to her in a dream to tell her she’d been murdered.

“She was one of a set of twins in the dream and there were two men,” Kathleen says.

“The one twin pointed forward, and then I saw her, she was lying on the bed, on her stomach and with her head down and arms crossed, and she said ‘Aunty, here I am’.

“She was at a strange house, but it is somewhere in Elsies River.”

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, says an inquest docket has been opened for investigation.

“DNA and fingerprints were taken of the body, and later identified as Jamie Williams of Clarke Estate. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death will continue,” he says.

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