THE GOOD IN US: Patricia de Lille and party members at the launch of her newly-founded Good Party’s political manifesto. PHOTO: Armand Hough/ANA

Former Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille on Tuesday unveiled her newly formed political party’s manifesto to great fanfare saying she has a GOOD plan to fix South Africa.

De Lille, dressed in her party colours of a bright orange T-shirt and black cap, streamed the manifesto launch on Facebook Live, saying this was her party’s way of entering a new era.

“We as Good are behind the call for the cost of data to be reduced so that we can connect with the people,” she said.

De Lille’s Good movement is based on four key themes: spatial justice, social justice, economic justice and environmental justice.

“It is time for all GOOD people to step forward and join the leadership of Good in committing to act with courage - to call out privilege and to tackle racism, discrimination and poverty,” she said.

De Lille also said the party would focus specifically on cities and townships.

“Urbanisation is a reality. The majority of people live in cities and towns and that’s where we should be pumping resources.

“What makes us unique is that the issue of spatial justice has not being tackled by any political party,” she said.

De Lille also called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to remove those who are implicated in corruption from the ANC’s list of parliamentary representatives.

“We are at the moment, a country of public inquiries, which is very good because at least the president is attempting to do something, openly and transparently especially about the issue of corruption.

“I think the president must also take the country into his confidence by explaining to South Africans what is going to happen to people implicated in corruption.”

Over the past weeks, a number of ANC officials were implicated in testimonies given at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry.

“Corruption steals from the poor. I am sure all of us are very depressed about what we see in these commissions,” said De Lille.

Meanwhile, the ANC has previously said it still has to screen the candidates who have been selected to represent the party in Parliament and cannot give a final deadline on when this process will be completed.

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