SECOND SIGHT: Dr Adonis Booysen congratulates Pastor Kathleen Forbes

Kathleen Forbes lost her eyesight for six months due to computer strain. She has since regained her sight and on Sunday she was sworn in as a pastor in the Immanuel Christian Ministries Church.

Even when blind, she never stopped her Bible studies at the Western Cape Theological School.

Pastor Forbes says through being covered by the prayers of her community and with the help of her husband, Joe Forbes, she was able to get through her studies.

According to Pastor Forbes, she lost eyesight from spending too much time in front of the computer and one day her eyes just gave out.

“I went to a doctor and they couldn’t explain what was wrong.”

She says the final year of her four-year degree in theological studies was tough, but worth it. On Sunday she was proudly capped at an event at Scottsville High School.

“My Joe became my eyes in those six months just before I graduated. He had to lead me everywhere I went and assisted me with reading and everything I needed to do.

“After six months of darkness, prayer and keeping the faith, I started seeing rays of light and now can see again,” says the happy pastor.

She firmly believes it’s the miracle of prayer to God that restored her sight.

“This would not have been possible without God. It was not easy, but it was worth it,” says Pastor Forbes.