Mense donated tampons and sanitary towels.

Paramedics yesterday spent their time collecting sanitary pads for needy school girls.

The members, attached to Paramedics SA, say they want to make sure no girls miss class due to their periods.

Seven million girls in South Africa miss school every month because they don’t have access to pads.

Janine Snyman of SA Paramedics says: “I’ve had sleepless nights thinking of children who couldn’t afford to buy themselves pads when it comes to that time of the month.

“I had a chat with Kyle Adams of Yakuza Clan Rolling Republic (car club) to help us with this project.”

Janine says it was heartbreaking to learn how young girls, too shy to admit they don’t have pads and yet determined to be at school, used socks and even newspapers as pads.

She started a Facebook campaign, asking people to donate pads and tampons, and yesterday, they started collecting with the help of Kyle and his Toyota-mad pals.

Kyle, 23, says if they can spend thousands of rands pimping their cars, they can spend some of that money on a good cause.

“I challenge other car clubs to do the same and take on a charitable cause,” he adds.

Janine says the sanitary pads will be donated at various schools in Delft and Mitchells Plain next week.

“We want to give girls a better chance at life by keeping them in school,” Janine says.