ARRESTED: Convicted sex offender, Brian Schofer, 58.

The convicted paedophile who advertised to tutor children on Gumtree has been arrested and charged with raping a 17-year-old boy.

The swift arrest by Mitchells Plain police on Monday comes after Brian Shofer was piemped by his landlord.

The Daily Voice has lifted the lid on the secret life of the 58-year-old former school teacher:

We can reveal that:

  • Shofer has been living in London Village, where he rented a separate entrance from a retired couple.
  • He’d been tutoring young boys since February, who occasionally slept over.
  • One of his two “adopted” sons who lived with him told cops he was not adopted.

Shofer made headlines on Sunday when it was revealed he had been advertising tutoring services for children on Gumtree.

He claimed to be reformed, after being convicted of molesting young boys in Mitchells Plain and Hanover Park in the 1990s.

Shofer claimed parents of his young students were made aware of his conviction.

But his number was up on Monday when his 70-year-old landlord spotted his notorious tenant on the front page of the Daily Voice.

“We called the police when he arrived and they were there within five minutes,” says the shocked landlord, who asked to remain anonymous.

The man says he advertised the separate entrance for rent on Gumtree in January and Shofer responded.

“He told me his parents were dead, his only brother was bipolar and living in an institution, his wife had left him for a billionaire and his only biological son had died in a car accident. He had adopted the two boys, aged 25 and 20. He also said he had two cats, but there were seven.

“I felt empathy for all he had been through and we let them move in.”

The couple reveal that Shofer had been tutoring at least 10 boys. These children and his son’s “friends” regularly slept over.

“I cannot tell you how sick it makes me knowing what he could have been doing with those boys, the youngest could have been nine,” the man says.

Cops also took in his two “sons”, who haven’t been back at the house since.

Outside in the driveway, Shofer’s red Fiat Uno was still parked.

In the separate entrance, his seven cats lay on the ground, along with a rotting snoekkop.

Shofer’s dentures and packets of strawberry-scented government issue condoms lay on a dresser.

There were stuffed animals scattered everywhere, an X-Box and DVDs.

The landlord adds: “He lied so much and the last shock was when the 25-year-old confessed to police he was not Shofer’s son, he was here for ‘other reasons’, he said.

“Shofer said he would be back. He will come back here over my dead body,” adds the landlord.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed Shofer’s arrest on a charge of rape.

He is expected to appear in the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court soon.