INTERVIEWED: Louisa Wynand says she was “scared out of her mind”.
Shocking details of what allegedly happened between Marius Fransman and the young woman who accused him of sexual harassment have been revealed in a police docket.

The incident took place in January while they travelled to the North West for the African National Congress’s birthday rally in Rustenburg.

The charge against the Western Cape ANC chairman has since been dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Neither Fransman nor Louisa Wynand, 21, have revealed what happened on that trip.

City Press on Sunday reported that the docket read, “On Tuesday, January 5, at about 2.19am, they arrived at the Flamingo Hotel in Kimberley, whereby she was forced to share the bed with the suspect and he would wrap his arms over her and rubbed himself against her, touching her breasts.

“She told him that she does not feel comfortable and he said it would be her challenge to overcome if she wanted to make a success out of her career, and needed to be clinical and cold about it. They then proceeded to Rustenburg.”

The ANC dik ding was asked to step aside by the party after the charges were laid.

He maintains that Wynand is being used in a political plot against him, something which she has denied.

“I must accept that from where I’m sitting, here’s a woman, someone who is desperate to make money out of my name,” Fransman tells Daily Voice.

“That’s the reality of the situation, at this stage I cannot make any further comment about it.”

In an interview with News24 on Tuesday, Louisa, from Stellenbosch, claimed: “My human rights have been violated by that human. It didn’t matter what his profession is - I would still have reported him for what he’s done.

“This is not a political issue. Who would put themselves through something like this… for fun?”

The aspiring singer met Fransman while working at a wine estate and was offered a job as part of a hospitality project he was working on. She jumped at the opportunity, thinking it would further her career.

After the alleged incident, she was “scared out of her mind”, trying to figure out if she did anything wrong.

Her legal team is now considering their next move.

Meanwhile, Fransman believes his absence is weakening the party’s position in the Cape as they gear up for the local elections on August 3.

“Right now I’m a ‘step-aside’ chairperson and I can only advise the party as they prepare for the elections.

“I was at the helm when in the last election, we grew our vote by 3 percent and got 80 000 new voters. My concern is that now after this conference there is an immaturity and a childish division in the party among some of the [ANC] members.”

Yonela Dika, the Western Cape ANC spokesman, said the ANC’s national executive committee is yet to announce a decision whether or not to reinstate Fransman.