FIRM STANCE: EFF Leader Julius Malema.
Former disgruntled ANC member Julius Malema says unhappy ANC members looking for positions in the upcoming local elections are not welcome at the EFF.

The former ANC Youth League president revealed he has received lots of calls from disgruntled ANC leaders who had not made it onto the ruling party’s candidates lists.

“Actually, I don’t want ANC people. They must go back to the ANC,” said Malema, dismissing them as opportunists.

He said welcoming these people into his party would “demoralise” his army of fighters.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe told journalists recently that he had been contacted by individuals who wanted to be candidates for councillor posts.

Those individuals, he said, were making demands and issuing ultimatums and threatening to join other parties if they were not chosen as ANC candidates.

While addressing the media at the party’s national list conference in Midrand on Monday, Malema also said he would not stand as a mayoral candidate as he had the “bigger role” of building the EFF into a fully fledged political party.

And he laughed off the treason charges the ANC has laid against him, following his remarks last month that the EFF would remove the party through the barrel of a gun if it rigged the local elections.

“I will instruct my lawyers to drag it [to court] for three days so I can address the nation for three days,” he said, laughing lekker.