GONE: Sulnita Manho was raped and brutally murdered. CREDIT: Supplied
The case of a man accused of brutally murdering a young mom is being dragged out because he has to wait for a bed at Valkenberg.

State prosecutor Stewart von Coppenhagen said yesterday that Delwigo Ward, 19, is currently number 95 on the waiting list for mental observation at the mental institution.

Ward appeared relaxed during his brief appearance in the Bredasdorp Magistrates’ Court.

His docket showed he was being charged with murder and rape.

When Magistrate Luddick Sass asked how he was doing in jail, Ward smiled and said he is doing “alright” and is “rustig”.

Ward is accused of strangling Sulnita Manho, 23, to death by tying her to a safety gate and hitting her against her head with a blunt object.

Her body was found in the early hours of Saturday, 2 April after she disappeared while drinking at a shebeen in Zwelitsha Informal Settlement outside Bredasdorp. Clumps of her hair were ripped out and a bottle was shoved up her anus.

Meanwhile her aunt Katriena Manho, 53, is worried that she will lose custody of Sulnita’s eight-year-old daughter, Michaela.

“I am struggling because they took away Sulnita’s AllPay card and I am the only one earning an income.

“We are coping but I’m just scared they will take her away because Sulnita didn’t have a will that says I must take care of Michaela,” says Katriena.

Ward will remain in custody until his next appearance on  July 7.