TARGET: Sasol garage in Blue Downs.
A gang of skelms made off with cash after blasting open a safe at a petrol station.

Just before the petrol increase at midnight, the Sasol garage in Hindle Road, Blue Downs, had to close following the robbery which happened in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Supervisor Allen Qubani, 40, says a group of about six men attached a bomb to the safe, which was located under the kiosk counter.

“They grabbed the security guard and covered his eyes with a jacket,” he explains.

“Some of them were armed and the others were working with the bomb.

“They attached the bomb to the door (of the safe) and set it off. It looked like the kind of bombs used in mine blasts.”

Allan says none of the suspects went inside the shop and even warned the cashier to move from behind the counter.

“They shouted ‘pasop!’ then it blasted,” says Allen.

“They took the money and went off. Luckily no one was hurt.”

General Manager Anadia Olivier says she picked up the safe’s door several metres away outside the post office.

“We were robbed exactly a year ago. “We had to close because of this and not because the petrol price is going up and we want to make more money,” she adds.

Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says the suspects fled the scene in a white Mercedes Benz.

“The incident occurred [yesterday] morning at 2.10am in Hindle Road,” she says. No one has been arrested at this stage.”