UPSET: 'Raw' chicken

Asha Allie from Steenberg was given a raw deal last week when, during their weekly Nando’s outing, her family was served half-cooked chicken at Nando’s in Grassy Park.

The family bought a R299 family meal including a whole chicken, rice, chips and rolls. But Asha says the hoender was still raw and bloody.

“When we made the waitress aware, she took the chicken and it was placed back on the grill.

“That same chicken which was just heavily basted and brought back to us,” an upset Asha said.

Nando’s has since apologised to the family and have invited them back for a free meal.

“We love the fact that Asha Allie and her family enjoy Nando’s so much that they visit every week, and we are sorry that last week didn’t live up to her expectations.

“We will be inviting Asha and her family back to Grassy Park to fire her up with her family’s favourite meal on us,” said Deirdre King of Nando’s.

Asha has accepted the apology.

However, she says Nando’s General Manager Irma Robinson wanted the management of that branch to apologise for the poor service.

“All we really wanted was just for someone to take responsibility for what took place.

“It might seem petty, but it was a big deal for my family and me,” Asha adds.