SCARED: Man fears his Delft residence may go down a ‘sinkhole’. CREDIT: Manqoba Nigidi
A Cape Flats dad fears his home will disappear down a massive sinkhole that has formed at the back of his house.

It’s believed the huge hole was caused after a sewerage pipe collapsed in Hindle Road, Leiden, Delft.

Yesterday, City of Cape Town officials attempted to fix the problem but were unable to pump the water away because of electrical cables running underneath.

The hole is about three metres wide and two metres deep, and stinks of sewerage while flies swarm around the murky water.

In the past month, Matthew Lottering, 50, has dug trenches around his home in Sandriver Street, to stop the filthy water from running into his home.

“The problem started a month ago and every time (the City) will come and pump away the water. I had to dig trenches to stop the water from flooding my home. It’s a sinkhole now,” he explains.

“My neighbour’s home was flooded and we have to deal with the flies and a horrible smell.

“Now I am hearing they have to wait for Eskom before they can do any work.”

Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Alderman Ernest Sonnenberg, says a collapsed drain pipe may be the cause.

“Teams were on site over the weekend to clear a blockage, but as the problem is persisting we suspect that a sewerage pipe may actually have collapsed.

“Staff is currently on site isolating the section of piping from the network so that inspections and repairs can take place.”