VANISHED: Marchia Karriem
A Bokmakierie mom on Thursday wept with relief when her one-year-old son, who had been missing for nearly a week, was found safe and unharmed in Belgravia.

The mother has since withdrawn a case of kidnapping she made against her friend, who had snatched her child.

Little Mickyle Nathan was with his mom, Lynn, last Friday morning, when her friend, Marchia “Lalla” Karriem, took him and left.

Lynn says Marchia also had her own four-year-old daughter with her, and said she was taking the children to get something to eat, but she never returned.

The four had been walking down Belgravia Road to the park, when Marchia said she would take the kids to the shop.

Lynn remained at the park, waiting, but says Marchia, who lives in the same street, never returned with her little boy.

She eventually opened a case of kidnapping with Athlone SAPS.

COME TO MAMA: Lynn Nathan feeds one-year-old son Mickyle

On Wednesday, the Western Cape Missing Persons Unit stepped in and started searching for the boy.

They traced Mickyle, Marchia and her daughter to Belgravia where the child was found unharmed.

Spokesperson Candice Sobotker said they worked quickly to ensure the baby boy was brought home safely.

“Our rule is not to judge people. We go in, we assist and we get results. Lynn was too happy to see her child and immediately withdrew the case against Marchia. That kidnapper needs help before she does it to someone else, and the results are different,” Sobotker warned.

On Thursday, a happy Lynn breastfed little Mickyle, who she said was just a little crabby.

“I am happy to have my child home where he belongs,” the mom told the Daily Voice, adding the boy was well taken care of.

Asked if she knew why Marchia took her child, she said: “I don’t know, but she’s my friend.”

Police spokesperson, Nothemba Pinkie Batwa, confirmed a case of kidnapping had been opened, but would not say if charges have been withdrawn against Marchia.

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