TRAUMA: Mother and child are in Tygerberg Hospital after being rammed and robbed

And instead of helping the two victims, a man living in the vicinity of Norwood Avenue and Fransie Van Zijl in Elsies River then robbed them.

The two were on their way home from the shop when a speeding motorist drove into them as they crossed the road on Sunday evening, and sped off.

The mother and her three-year-old son are currently at Tygerberg Hospital.

Witnesses say as the bleeding victims were lying helpless in the street, one brazen ou had the guts to rob them before emergency services arrived.

Community leader, Constance Snyders, says she is outraged by the lack of empathy of the boef.

“The mother and her son were coming from the shop, that person knocked them and sped off, no return, nothing,” she says.

“To make matters worse, as the victims were lying there, a guy who lives close by decided to rob them. I am not sure what he took from the victims but he took something.

“You don’t rob victims. The community was angry and went to his house to approach him.”

Deputy Chairman of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Elsies River, Imraahn Mukaddam, says the scenes of the accidents have become smash-and-grab hotspots, and urged authorities to install CCTV cameras at known hotspots like Halt Road, Norwood Street and Fransie Van Zijl Road.

Police did not respond to queries by last night.