SHOOTING SCENE: Surran Road in Hanover Park. Photo: Neil Baynes/ANA Pictures
A Hanover Park woman was shot in the head after being mistaken for a gangster.

It’s believed skollies mistook Shanaaz Phillips, 38, for a rival due to the hoodie she was wearing.

Relatives say the mother of two is now fighting for her life in hospital as the bullet is applying too much pressure on her brain.

Her brother, Abduragmaan Phillips, 32, says Shanaaz collapsed in front of St. Lucia Court where she lives.

“She was shot in Surran Road on her way home from a friend. There was shooting in the area and she had a hoodie on and they thought she was a boy and shot her,” he says.

“She fell opposite the court. She had the strength to get closer to the court. The family is still shocked, but we are dealing. The children, however, are very tense.”

Shanaaz’s mother, Gaironiesa Phillips, says she is looking after her grandchildren, aged 12 and seven.

“She is in a very bad condition. Her children are with me and they are fine. On Friday, when we got to the hospital we were told there was a very slim chance of survival as the bullet struck her forehead and is sitting on the left side of her head,” Gaironiesa says.

She says doctors will not try to remove the bullet now as it is too dangerous.

“On Saturday they made a small hole in her head to release pressure as her brain is swollen. She is now in ICU,” she adds.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, says a case of attempted murder has been opened for investigation.

“No one has been arrested so far,” Rwexana said.

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