Nafiz Modack
Nafiz Modack was arrested on Monday morning for extorting a nightclub in Gauteng.

This emerged in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Monday where he and four co-accused already face charges of intimidation and extortion over a violent takeover of the Cape Town nightclub security business.

Modack, Colin Booysen - brother of suspected Sexy Boys gang leader Jerome “Donkie” Booysen - Ashley Fields, Jacques Cronjé and Carl Lakay were arrested on 15 December for allegedly trying to extort R369 000 from The Grand Africa Cafe and Beach near the V&A Waterfront last year.

Now controversial businessman Modack and co-accused Cronjé have been bust in a case involving the owner of a larney Sandton jol.

State prosecutor Esna Erasmus says the prosecutor in the Gauteng extortion matter has requested that the case be transferred to Wynberg Court in Alexandria, Johannesburg.

The matter has been set aside as a date for commencement still has to be agreed upon.

Advocate Rooshdeen Rudolph will be representing Modack and Cronjé in the Gauteng case.

Resuming their bail application in court on Monday, all five defence attorneys handed up affidavits from their clients explaining why they should be released on bail.

Modack’s lawyer, Advocate Edwin Grobler, read his affidavit in which he says his client is only a businessman who is trying to start a family.

“My wife and I are planning for a family and we even visited a fertility clinic. I am a motor vehicle sales agent and I am good at it. I also provide security for corporate companies and events,” says the statement.

“I have no family abroad and neither does my wife, so I am not a flight risk. I deny allegations of having relationships with high-ranking police. I will always be available to police in combating crime as I sometimes get information where I live and that could help police.”

Modack also rejected allegations that he had ordered hits on investigating officer Colonel Charl Kinnear, prosecutor Erasmus, Major- General Jeremy Vearey and a Captain Japhta.

“I am an ordinary businessman and I am in no position to arrange a crime or even a murder, it’s a preposterous idea,” said the affidavit.

Advocate Bruce Hendricks also read his client, Booysen’s, affidavit, which said he needed to be released to assist with his sick and elderly mother and his pregnant fiancée.

The matter was postponed till Wednesday.

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