TRIAL: Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen and co-accused face six charges
The Cape Town Regional Court has scrapped one of the bail conditions against two alleged underworld kingpins and their three co-accused.

Nafiz Modack, 36, and Colin Booysen, 50, the brother of alleged Sexy Boys gang leader Jerome “Donkie” Booysen, as well as Ashley Fields, 44, Jacques Cronjé, 47, and Carl Lakay, 44, appeared on Tuesday, facing six charges, including money laundering and extortion.

They are also charged with rendering a security service while not registered as a service provider.

Also, Lakay is charged with the acquisition, possession or use of the proceeds of unlawful activities.

Modack faces additional charges of the prohibited inception of communication and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

The legal counsels of the group told the court while the accused are trying their best to adhere to the bail condition of reporting to police every day, police are apparently taking them for a gat.

“We are asking that the bail conditions whereby our clients have to sign in daily at their respective police stations be retracted as they have been having problems with police members when trying to follow the court’s ruling,” the advocates all said.

According to the defence, their clients have been chased away or found the cop shops closed when wanting to sign in at their allocated police stations. The magistrate then said it was not necessary for them to report to the police.

The magistrate then said it was not necessary for them to report to the police.

Following a marathon bail application, the accused were all granted bail of R10 000 in February, while Lakay was granted bail of R5 000.

The matter was postponed to 27 July as the State was still awaiting a cellphone report, which could take up to six weeks to be completed.

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