DUMP: Rubbish lies everywhere and piping has been removed from walls. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice
Gatvol residents have turned to the Daily Voice for help after the City of Cape Town and Law Enforcement failed to deal with an alleged druggie neighbour who has stripped his council-owned home and has left his mentally-challenged son to fend for himself.

Residents of Elephant Street in Eastridge, Mitchells Plain, say the man is breaking down the home and selling the items like windows, pipes and electrical parts, to feed his drug habit.

The man lived at the house with his son and wife.

According to neighbours, the wife was admitted to a mental facility last year and the man has since moved, leaving his son home alone.

When the Daily Voice visited the house, we found the disabled son, aged 25, lying on a mattress on the floor.

ALL BY HIMSELF: 25-year-old mentally disabled son on floor. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice

The derelict house is filled with refuse and holes where piping had been removed.

Neighbour Hazel Adams, 64, says they have tried to get the young man back to hospital but can’t get help.

“The wife has been admitted to Lentegeur Psychiatric hospital and the dad just left his son here and drew their SASSA money and gave him R50,” she says.

“He has left his son alone without any food and to live in this conditions.

“The lights and even the bath have been ripped out and sold for drugs. The electrical work and windows are also gone and the list goes on.”

The house in Eastridge. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice

Neighbours say their troubles began three years ago and that Law enforcement and the City have done nothing but “stop by and drive away”.

One resident who asked not to be identified says the officers were too afraid to enter the house.

Hazel says City health inspectors were also called but have yet to visit.

“We are afraid the gangsters will take over the house,” says Hazel.

“This is a health risk and it’s not safe structurally.”

Responding to a query from the Daily Voice, the City said they were not aware of any complaints about the house.

COMPLAINTS: Hazel Adams and Camiela Smit. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice

“Just for information, law enforcement has not received any complaints. Any drug-related enquiries should be referred to SAPS,” said the City.

An angry Hazel says the City is failing not only the man’s vulnerable son but also them.

“We are not liars, we did report it. Law enforcement was here just two weeks ago but did nothing.

“The City is now leaving this to become a bigger problem in the future. Now, where can we turn to?”

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