RECOVERING: Kauthar Fisher, 2, with her broken leg in a cast
A Mitchells Plain father is fuming after his 2-year-old daughter broke her leg at creché.

Yaseen Fisher, 32, from Beacon Valley is blaming the creche owner and teachers, saying there was no one to supervise little Kauthar as she was playing on the jungle gym.

He says Kauthar had been at Beacon Valley Educare Centre in Aintree Crescent for over a year.

“On 24 January, just after 11am, my wife received a call from the creché’s principal, Denise Gribble, stating she needs to get to the hospital as something happened.

“Denise said Kauthar was on the jungle gym, her foot got stuck in the ropes and she fell. Doctors informed us Kauthar’s leg was broken in two places, by her knee and hip bone. ”

The father of four says the apple of his eye had to spend a week in Red Cross.

“She now has a cast from her chest down and is bedridden for a month,” he says.

“When Denise came to visit Kauthar, she brought along a toy. The fear in my child’s eyes startled me.

“Days later, Denise arrived at our house and told my wife, ‘ek is moeg van sorry sê, ek kan nie meer sorry sê nie’.”

He says this was like a red flag to him and he went to the creché the Monday to speak to her.

“She said Kauthar’s teacher had to clean a child’s diaper and called another teacher to watch them.

“When the other teacher came it was already too late as Kauthar was at the top of the jungle gym and fell straight to the ground in the sand, but the area there is cemented.”

When the Daily Voice contacted principal for comment, she said: “Correction, she fell from the slide and not the jungle gym. I decline to say anything further.”

Yaseen says he now intends laying charges of neglect with both the police and the Department of Social Development, where the creché is registered.

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