DUET: Samantha Gertse was left 
disabled after the accident in 2001

The pair has now they have become songbirds after getting an inspiring vision from God.

The accident on the Stellenbosch Arterial road near Belhar in 2001, however, came at a heavy price, leaving the one sister, Samantha Gertse, now 36, permanently disabled.

Wendy Julius, 37, was hospitalised for months but is completely healed. She says out of that tragedy, a miracle was born.

“I had a vision that God wants me to use my voice to bring people together, and to help heal those who are sick or have problems,” says the soft-spoken Wendy.

The mother of three and her sister launched her debut album, a gospel CD called Redder (Saviour) at the Rocklands Christian Centre in Mitchells Plain on Saturday, where the 200 CDs she brought along with were sold within minutes.

Wendy and Samantha blew people away with their beautifully harmonious voices that soared through the hall.


Recalling the night when a Mercedes-Benz crashed into their red Toyota Tazz, Wendy says: “That night, everyone feared that no one could have survived such a terrible accident. Our car was a write-off but we survived. My vision to sing in praise of God, who saved our lives, was born that night.”

She sang for nearly 15 years in church and at functions before her husband Clarence decided to produce her CD this year.

Samantha’s voice is featured in some of the 10 songs.

“I wrote three of the songs myself, and I just can’t believe that it all sold out within minutes tonight,” the excited woman said.

“I named my album Redder because God saved me and turned me into a new person. I want to thank my husband for investing in me and my talent.”

A proud Clarence says he knew his wife was meant for greater things.

“There were many nights where I was awoken by the sound of her playing the piano softly, working on a song, and I knew her vision from above had to come true,” he says.

“I was very happy when everyone wanted the CD, all praise to God.”

If you would like to book Wendy to perform, or buy her CD, call her on 084 6212 084 or Clarence on 084 2687 818.

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