APPEAL: EMS workers
The Federation of Unions of South Africa (Fedusa) on Tuesday marched to Parliament demanding government look after the safety of the Emergency Medical Services staff.

Together with representatives from the United National Transport Union (UNTU) and the Public Service Association of South Africa (PSA), just over 50 representatives marched holding up banners, begging government to hear their cries for help.

They were escorted by police and traffic cops.

The protest comes after numerous attacks on paramedics in the past few months, especially in the gang-infested communities of the Cape Flats.

A boy, 8, died because the ambulance transporting him to hospital was attacked on the N2 in the early hours of Wednesday, 8 November.

The EMS staff were robbed and the ambulance rendered immobile.

Placards of EMS staff read “#AM I NEXT”, “Ons is Gatvol” and “Stop Crime Against EMS Workers”.

A memorandum was handed over by general secretary of Fedusa, Dennis George, with a list of demands.

In the memorandum handed to Mark Samuels from the Department of Labour, the workers demand:

The immediate deployment of military staff to crime-ridden areas to protect EMS staff.

The reinstatement of railway police to protect both workers and passengers.

The collective support from the Ministers of Defence, Health, Transport and Police in implementing a safer working environment for staff.

George said: “We come here carrying the burden of millions of marginalised, deprived and impoverished communities on the Cape Flats to make non-negotiable demands. We expect urgent action on these demands.”

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